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10 Tips For Successful Small Business Content Marketing

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Inarguably, marketing has proven to be an important part of business every enterprise can’t override while operating. Since one of the goals of every business — whether big or small — is to grow bigger, make sales, and accrue profits. Resorting to the use of various marketing strategies in business.

Content marketing is one of the many marketing strategies used by businesses around the world. The majority of the big brands out there are completely leveraging content marketing to dominate the market and attain a higher level in their industry. Which is enough reason for small business owners to jump on the marketing strategy.

For small businesses hoping to try content marketing as their marketing strategy, below are relevant tips you should follow to get the best out of content marketing: 

10 Tips For Successful Content Marketing

There are several content marketing strategies namely, blogging, social media post, videos, podcasts, and newsletters. Below are tips on how to use these content marketing strategies successfully in small businesses:  

  1. Have Achievable Business Goals

    When you create content to be shared across your marketing channels you should be able to pinpoint the purpose of them. What do you want the blog post you’re about to publish or the new social media post to achieve?

    You should know that you’re not just creating content for engagement or to wow your target audience. The goal is to reach your target audience with a solution, generate leads, and make the conversion as quick as possible. Therefore, your content must accurately deliver its purpose for your goal to be achieved.

  2. Define Your Target Audience

    If you want your content marketing strategy to be successful, then you need to be able to identify who your target audience is. Try as much as possible to do research about your audience and gather vital information about them: like their demographic, psychographics, preference, behavior, socioeconomic class, problems, etc.

    When this much about your audience you’ll be able to create high-quality content that focuses totally on the right audience you’re trying to convert to customers.

  3. Know Your Buyer’s Journey

    Another thing you must consider while creating your content is the journey of your buyer. Effective content marketing is the way that adds value to its target audience. For example, the content you push to a buyer who hasn’t heard of your brand before must be the one that explains in full what you do. Such a buyer needs first information on what you do.

    There are three stages of the buyer’s journey which are awareness, consideration, and then the actual buying. You must be able to create content that can walk your buyer all through these stages, and most especially, know what level to present to a potential buyer.

    This is because not every buyer needs awareness content as they already know what you do, but now consider whether to patronize you or your competitors. While some may have considered buying from you but need a little more push to buy your product.

  4. Prioritize Solving Problems

    Your small business content marketing strategy will be successful if you prioritize solving the problems of your target audience. Before you create your content, try to do some research to find out what your target audience is searching for; the problems they’re finding solutions for.

    Once you get to know the problems, you can create your content to educate them and provide them with the solution you’ve discovered. This will help increase the credibility of your small business, grant you more leads, and ultimately drive more sales.

  5. Create High-Quality Content

    I’m sure you’re aware that several other businesses in your industry are also investing a huge share of their marketing budget in content marketing. This is why you need to create high-quality content that’ll attract your audience to your brand. Ensure all your content is well-created with in-depth information that will add value to your target audience.

    Don’t just write a blog post, or post on social media carefreely thinking you’ll get good traffic and leads. Of course, nobody has time to waste reading poorly prepared content. Therefore, you need to invest a lot of your effort to ensure your content is valuable to your target audience.

  6. Have Up-to-date Content

    Have you ever wondered why Wikipedia pages are always at the top of your search results on Google? No matter what you’re searching for, especially if it’s about something famous, Wikipedia will mostly top the list. This is because the website learned how to optimize its content by keeping them updated as much as possible.

    You will also need to apply this SEO tactic to your marketing content to get the best out of them. Always look out for new ideas or information you can add to your content for your audience. This will only make your audience trust your message and find it more credible than other brands.

    Updating your content, just like Wikipedia, will also increase your business visibility, enabling your website to rank high on the search engine. Of course, that’s what you need if you’re going to generate organic traffic and increase your conversion rate. So, be consistent in updating your content.

  7. Repurpose Quality Content

    It takes a lot of effort to create good content you can market to boost your Small business. Some content takes days or even weeks to be created with a lot of money being spent. But the joy is that most of this content is evergreen content that can easily be recycled over and over again.

    To maximize the efficiency of your content, you can repurpose them — break them into small pieces — and distribute them across your channels. For example, your blog post can be shortened into a thread on social networks like Twitter. A long video can be canned and shared in episodes on TikTok, Twitter, or YouTube. This will have a good effect on your marketing results, and also save you from spending money on new content.

  8. Have a Steady (Brand) Voice

    One way to make your audience notice you through content marketing is by maintaining a steady voice in your content. There should be uniformity in how you target your audience with content across different platforms. Your brand should be for one thing.

    If you observe a big brand like Pepsi or Coca-cola, you can easily identify their voice in their content, be it video or social media posts. As a small business, you need to also have a steady voice that people identify you with. A signature that makes you unique. That will strengthen your content marketing delivery to your target audience and make it more effective.

  9. Use Data to Solidify Your Points

    One of the importance of content marketing is to make your audience trust your business enough to patronize your brands. This can be achieved when you create authoritative content that proves your credibility. But how do you create authoritative content?

    Presentation of verifiable data and statistics to back your points in your content can make your audience see you as an authority in your industry. This will also enable you to scale brand competition. To get the best out of content marketing, always provide data to justify your point.

  10. Track Your Content Performance

    Lastly, always track your content performance. If blogging is your content marketing strategy, you can make use of Google Analytics to understand how impactful your content has been to your target audience. When you analyze your content performance, you’ll get to realize what has been working for your business and discover what you need to cut off for maximum content marketing efficiency.

    Analytics will also assist you to uncover other topics of interest to your audience that you can discuss in your next publication. Ultimately, tracking your content performance will give you insight into how to become better with your marketing strategy to increase leads and conversion rates.


The aforementioned tips can assist you in having a successful content marketing strategy for your small business, without going beyond your budget. If you follow them closely without flinching, you’re about to position your small business for the next phase of growth. Remember the competition is high, which means you can’t afford to waste your marketing budget without getting the right results.

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