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10 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

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The success of every business hinges on its attitude and plans to have a solid, purposeful marketing strategy. A lot of businesses nowadays continue to decline in productivity and revenue because they’re ignorant of the need to have an effective marketing strategy that can help drive sales and awareness for growth. 

To say the truth, it’s extremely hard for any business to grow dramatically without a good marketing strategy. For small business owners who want their business to grow abruptly, you need to adopt good marketing strategies to achieve your goal. 

In this article, you’ll learn of 10 marketing strategies every small business can incorporate to make sales, increase their business visibility and amass more profits.

Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Every Small Business

Below are some marketing strategies you can use to drive sales for your small business:

  1. Use Social Media

    In this 21st century, many of our day-to-day activities are related to the internet. Many people visit the internet every day and social media is one of the favorite places people visit online. Social media awareness for your business can contribute largely to the increase of your revenue in a short time.

    So, if you’re planning on increasing your small business sales, social media marketing is a good marketing strategy to implement. You can create a business account on any social media platform and start posting frequently about your products or services. With frequent posts on social media, your target audience will become aware of your business and want to patronize you.

    Using social media for your business can also help you to keep track of your competitor’s marketing strategies. You’ll get to know what they’re doing differently and how you can also employ the same pattern in your social media accounts.

  2. Email Marketing

    As a small business trying to increase its revenue, email marketing should be a good recommendation. We’re in a digital world where many things can be done just by using smartphones. This change has boosted people’s curiosity and attraction toward technology. Nowadays, when people wake up, the first thing they check is their smartphones (surfing social media and email) to get updates.

    Since you’re starting small, marketing your products and services via email can hugely impact your business’s monthly cash flow. All you need to do is to get the email address of your target audience and send them messages every morning. Customers who read about your products in the morning have a chance of patronizing your business.

    Remember Email marketing is still growing widely in business marketing, and you also have every right to try it out.

  3. Start Blogging

    Having a business website is good, but that’s not enough to make your products or services known to your audience. You need to engage yourself in additional tasks like blogging for an effective marketing strategy. You can start this by writing blog posts that provide solutions to the problems of your audience.

    Quora, for example, is a popular website that provides people with all kinds of answers to their questions. You also emulate the same technicality while writing a business blog. Start answering the FAQs (frequently asked questions) of the audience in the form of a blog post.

    As one of the small business marketing strategies that work, this strategy will clearly create high engagement, drive organic traffic to your business website, and considerably, improve your conversion rate.

  4. Video Marketing

    You can improve your sales rate and gain more customers for your business through video marketing. The use of Video content is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can adopt as a small business to increase your sales and revenue.

    By making videos of your products and services on platforms like Youtube and Tiktok you can increase the demand for your products and services by customers and increase your revenue. It’s that simple. People will always be more interested in what they can see, which is why video marketing is good.

    Note that you don’t necessarily have to be the one making the videos. If you’re not good with cameras, you can easily hire someone eloquent to flaunt your products and disclose why people need to purchase them.

  5. Try Podcasts

    If you have the skill of oratory or public speaking or you’re a good storyteller, then you may want to try podcasts as another one of the few small business marketing strategies that work. Podcasting is a strategy that you can use to market your business products and attract buyers.

    Just like blogging, you can use podcasts to discuss solutions to your audience’s problems. By discussing trending issues in your industry with podcasts, you can strategically make your business more popular and make more sales.

  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    One best ways you can strategically market your products or services in this era is through SEO marketing. That is, trying to rank high on the search engine. You can drive more potential buyers to your products through the optimization of your website to be visible on Google.

    You can hire an SEO expert to find the right keywords you can incorporate into your landing page content and blog posts. This will generate organic traffic and increase your business conversion rate. The most important thing is finding the right words your customers use often. Then you apply them while writing content for your website to help optimize your web pages to reflect on Google SERP.

  7. Use Influencer

    When you look at big brands like Nike, Puma, Pepsi, and so on, they are always contracting social influencers. They use footballers, musicians, and even actors to promote their products and services. That’s because such people have a great influence on the choice people make when it’s time to make a purchase.

    To market your small business, you can as well approach an influencer to market your products or services. You can use social media influencers with huge followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc., to help you market on their channels.

  8. AI Marketing

    As a small business that’s still in its early stage, AI marketing may be the right marketing strategy for business. With AI marketing you’ll get to save a lot of your money and still get to make a lot of sales. There are tons of tools available to guide you through different marketing plans like Content marketing, Video marketing (animation), etc.

    You can also use chatbots to market your products to your customers while focusing majorly on other aspects of your business.

  9. Use Ads

    You can reach your audience with your products by investing in ads. Facebook ads are one of the best marketing strategies you can adopt to increase the sales of your business. This is because Facebook ads can help you segregate your audience based on their age, gender, location, and what interests them.

    You’ll get the best out of Facebook Ads by installing Facebook pixel on your business website.

  10. Partner Marketing

    Partner marketing is another one of the small business marketing strategies that work. You can attract more customers to your products and service, and increase your profits and popularity by doing partner marketing.

    Partner marketing involves you collaborating with other brands to promote your products and reach a wider audience. In this sense, you might be offering different things but have the same target audience. You can make a lot of sales with this marketing strategy.


Small businesses are often incapable of affording expensive marketing campaigns. The reason is clear to everyone– they’re still small. However, there are few small business marketing strategies that work, and they are not expensive. These strategies are available for small businesses to upscale their businesses. Any of the listed marketing strategies in this article can be implemented by small businesses for growth and an increase in revenue. 

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