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Hacks To Grow Your Small Business

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Many businesses that survived the pandemic are now strategizing and prioritizing ideas for rapid growth. The same goes for new small businesses that are finding their way into the saturated market. The priority of an average young entrepreneur is now fixated on getting hacks to grow their small business without wasting funds. Most especially for small businesses.

For small businesses with limited resources, taking certain risks for growth may backfire and produce terrible outcomes. This is why having the right information and hacks on how to grow a small business is very important. 

In this article, you will learn about hacks to grow your small business. You will also learn about the growth strategies you can enforce for exponential growth in your business.  

What are Growth Hacks?

While there are tactics to start a business, there are also tactics you need to know to grow that business. Growth hacks for small businesses are the tactics and strategies you can implement in your small business to derive high productivity, make more sales, gain more customers, increase revenue, and reduce funds wastage. Growth hacks are necessary and applicable in all day-to-day aspects of any business operation. 

From the management of a business to logistics, to sales and marketing, and customer service, there are strategies — hacks — that can be implemented to skyrocket the productivity of each of these areas of a business. Ultimately, while business ideas are essential for a business to exist, growth hacks are essential for a business to rise above the competition and enhance productivity.

Below are six potent hacks capable of boosting the growth of any small business. 

6 Growth Hacks for Small Business

  1. Prioritize Solving Problems

    Many small businesses go under shortly after they launched because they failed to identify clearly what their goals are. When you start a business, your motive is to tackle one or two problems affecting your audience and provide worthwhile solutions.

    It’s the solution you render you monetize. If your business doesn’t solve any problem, nobody will patronize your business. When you prioritize problem-solving, it simply means that you’re putting your consumer first, which is the right thing to do.

    As a small business aiming to grow rapidly, you need to prioritize problem-solving. Find out the best way your products and services can resolve the problems your target audience is facing and prioritize them.

    For example, as a business in baking (cakes and cookies), you can find out what ingredients other brands fail to add to their products but are good for the health of the audience. You can add this to your product. That way you’re not only putting your consumers first but also building your business credibility and trust.

  2. Be Transparent

    To experience exponential growth in your small business, transparency must be encouraged. Entrepreneurs should understand that nobody is interested in doing business with anyone who’s cunning. Your business operation should be what people can predict and rely on when the situation presents itself.

  3. Be Straightforward

    Be straightforward with your consumers on the price of your products and services. If your products are negotiable imply that from the onset so they’ll not be disappointed seeing others getting your products at a lesser price.

    Also, if there would be a change in your business activities, like the time to deliver your products to prospective customers, normalize presenting a prior notification instead of keeping them anticipating endlessly. Your small business will experience a hike in development if your customers trust your services enough.

  4. Provide Social Proof

    For your small business to grow faster and be above the competition, you need to provide social proof. Social proof is the honest reviews of your products left by the customers on your blog or social media posts. According to Statista, up to 70% of people who want to purchase a product read at least seven reviews about the product before purchase.

    Asking for genuine reviews of your products from your consumers and placing that on your website for potential customers to see will show how reliable your business is. Honest reviews of your products, especially when they are good feedback, can boost the sales of your products, thus enhancing the growth of your business.

  5. Have Good Relationships

    Any small business with the ambition to grow must value its relationship with customers, workers, and successful entrepreneurs in the industry.

    To strengthen the relationship with customers, allowing a free trial of your products can just be all you need to do. If your target audience has the opportunity to use your products and services without paying, you can easily gain their loyalty. Purchasing your products will become what they must do because there’s a laid relationship.

    There must also be a mutual relationship between entrepreneurs and their business workers for the growth of the business. This is fundamental. Poor relationships between the workers and a small business owner can jeopardize the operation of the business.

    Hearing the complaints of your consumers, with the views and advice of your workers on how to better the products and services can provide a small business entrepreneur with insights on how to grow the business.

    Application of successful entrepreneurs’ business strategies to your small business can foster rapid growth for your business.

  6. Integrate Automation

    The relevance of technology has been proven across different sectors. In the ecosystem, technology has a great influence on how businesses are operated. The impact of technology is to better business activities to enable high productivity and reduce risks and costs.

    This is done via the automation of various aspects of a business.

    For any small business to grow faster in this century, there is a need to automate some of its operations. This is highly important for the development of any business.

    There are tons of tools, applications, and software available for the usage of small businesses. Utilizing these tools, applications, and software in your small business will provide you the opportunity to be more productive and effective than your competitors.

    Some aspects of the business you can automate are management, sales and marketing, customer service, logistics, email marketing, and even your social media campaigns.

  7. Use Chatbots

    Another effective hack or strategy you need to grow your small business is incorporating chatbots into your website. Chatbots save you from spending money on hiring agents to attend to your customers.

    As a small business seeking growth, one of your goals is to provide your customers with easy, satisfying services. To ensure this happens all the time, you need a tool like chatbots. By incorporating chatbots into your business website, the tool will provide potential customers with answers to frequent questions asked about your business.

    Aside from answering your customers’ questions, chatbots can guide your customers to locate your brick-and-mortar stations with an accurate description. Chatbots also save you the strenuous task of interacting, replying, and answering questions of your customers. Instead, you allow the chatbots to do that while focusing on other relevant business activities.

  8. Leverage Social Media

    To experience rapid growth in your small business, you need social media. Social media is one of the most effective channels you can leverage to reach your audience and market your products. According to Statista, 91% of marketers were said to use social media for their campaigns in 2021. This explains how relevant the platforms have become for the growth of businesses.

    Small businesses that want to grow must leverage social media to achieve their goal. By posting articles, making comments, and campaigns for your business on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, your business will gain more visibility, gather more organic leads, and have a high conversion rate.


The mentioned hacks are vital strategies for any small business that wants to grow quickly to utilize. There may be many more hacks entrepreneurs need to know to manage their small businesses. However, the strategies provided in this article are fundamental to the development of any purposeful business.

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