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Free & Low-Budget Marketing Ideas For Any Small Business

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The importance of marketing can’t be overlooked or neglected in any business. This is because marketing is necessary for any business to make sales, generate high revenue, and ultimately, grow spontaneously. 

You’ll always find big brands and established enterprises investing hugely in their sales and marketing department. That’s because they understand the need for such investment. Likewise, small businesses also need to invest in marketing for them to grow.

Although many small businesses are not capable of spending heavily on marketing their products and services as big enterprises do. However, there are available marketing ideas any small business can use to increase sales and generate more revenue. That’s what you’ll learn in this article.

As a small business entrepreneur, this article will introduce you to some free or low-budget marketing ideas you can apply to grow your business revenue, improve your sales and gain more customers. 

Top 11 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

The following are the effective free low-budget marketing ideas you can use to boost the sales of your business or gain more customers:

  1. Social Media Marketing

    Our present society has shown to be more actively involved in internet socialization. Many people can’t go a day without checking out what’s happening around them on social media. This makes social media a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

    Small business owners can leverage social media to grow their businesses and gain new customers. Create a business account on any social media platform of your choice and start posting content about your products and services. You can as well use social media to engage, interact, and inform your target audience about your products and services.

  2. Make use of LinkedIn

    As a small business owner, you need to leverage a platform like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional platform that connects you with valuable people who can patronize your business. You can get the best out of LinkedIn when you start making connections with prospective customers and engaging them with your posts.

    You can use LinkedIn Pulse to market your products or services and promote them with hashtags. This will make your posts on the platform locate your target audience and bring their attention to your posts. Hashtags if used properly can create leads for your business on LinkedIn. A lot of the big brands and enterprises make use of LinkedIn. You should also try it.

  3. SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important marketing tool for every business. If you can’t afford to hire an SEO expert to optimize your website and content. Then, you can try local SEO for your business.

    Local SEO involves the use of keywords that are specific to your location and are popularly used by your target audience in your content. This will help your website and content to rank well on the search engine. By using this method, you’ll not spend too much money to market your products or services.

  4. Email Marketing

    Email marketing is another low-budget marketing strategy you can use as a small business. You can inform your customers and new subscribers about your business and the services you render via email.

    By sending personal messages to your customers and subscribers, you can gain their loyalty and encourage them to patronize you. You can also get to tell them about the offers or discounts you have for them, which will prompt them to buy.

  5. Discount and Coupons

    One of the major obstacles small businesses encounter in the marketplace is serious competition from big brands and enterprises. The market is largely in favor of the brands and gives little room for small businesses to thrive and make sales.

    To penetrate the market, make sales and gain more customers, you should try applying discounts and coupons in your business. When you reduce the initial price of your products on every first purchase, your sales will increase drastically and you’ll gain more customers.

    This is a very effective way of creating awareness for your business as some of your customers who’ve enjoyed discounts can introduce their close relatives to your products and services.

  6. Publish Good Content

    You can easily create more awareness for your business and increase your sales via content marketing. When you publish good content on your business website and share them across your social media handles, you’ll create leads for your website.

    You can write content that teaches or informs your customers about a particular product or service you offer. Or write articles that answer some of the frequently asked questions of your customers about your products. This simple act can make your audience find you more credible and trustworthy enough to patronize you.

  7. Host Events or Classes

    You can market your products and services as a small business by hosting events or classes in your environment. For example, if you’re into the baking business, you can create an event or a class where you teach people how to bake from home.

    Such an event will show your target audience how much you care about their well-being. People who benefit from your teaching will also say good things about your business and recommend it to their friends and family.

  8. Attend Business Seminars and Conferences

    For your small business to be successful, you’ll need the recommendations of other entrepreneurs and businesses in your industry. This is why you need to attend different seminars and conferences.

    When you connect with other successful entrepreneurs in seminars you can gain insights on how to improve your products and develop your business. Aside from that, a chance to speak at seminars and conferences is an opportunity to create relevance, and visibility for your business.

  9. Automate

    Automation is another of these free low-budget marketing ideas. You can market your products and services to your target audience without spending a lot of money, just by automating your processes. Many software and tools can assist you with marketing while you focus on other business activities.

    For example, you can incorporate chatbots in your website and social media accounts to automate your engagement with customers and recommend some of your services to customers.

  10. Carry out Survey

    You can know more about the solution people are desperately in need of, especially from your business, by carrying out a survey. You can use your social media accounts to achieve this.

    Discover what your customers will like to see improve in your business and work on improving it. If your survey shows that your customers need you to produce a particular product differently, you can work on it and use it as an edge over your competitors.

  11. Join Online Forums or Groups

    You can create viability for your small business and even make a lot of sales by marketing your products on online groups or forums. An example of this is a Facebook group or WhatsApp Group chat.

    You can share your business flyers, blog posts, or any other content of your business on these online groups to generate more customers for your business.


You can effectively apply some of the mentioned marketing ideas in your small business to experience rapid growth within a short period. While you may not have enough capacity to adopt a highly expensive marking strategy, the low-budget marketing ideas in this article can provide you with a similar result. 

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