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10 Effective Small Business Content Marketing Strategies

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Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective measures for business development. The strategy, when adopted properly can boost business visibility, drive in more customers, increase productivity, and ultimately upscale sales for more profit generation. 

Many successful businesses understand the value and importance of content marketing and pour a large percentage of their marketing budget into it. Which is why they’re far ahead of other businesses. Content marketing should be the marketing strategy every developing business needs to subscribe to for fast growth. Though it may be quite expensive. However, there are practical strategies for content marketing for small businesses.  

If you run a small business and want to try content marketing for your business, below are 10 effective strategies you can adopt to achieve your marketing goal: 

10 Effective Content Marketing Strategies for Any Small Business

  1. Create Video Content

    I believe the first content you’ll need to market your products effectively to your target audience is video content. This is because people are fond of watching video content over any other content. Also, according to studies, it’s discovered that humans remember what they’ve seen faster than what they’ve heard or read.

    You can create good video content that entails all information about what you produce or the service your render and shares it on video platforms. Youtube is the most popular video content platform you can easily use to reach your audience with your content.

  2. Use Email (Newsletter)

    Email marketing is one of the best content marketing strategies you can employ to grow the traffic to your business and make a high conversion. By hosting a newsletter for your subscribers (customers) you’re establishing a good relationship with your timely messages, and this will influence their decision to patronize your brand.

    In case you’re still in doubt, a lot of people wake up to check their email in the morning before doing anything. Imagine your subscribers reading about your products as they wake up in the morning. The information will stick with them throughout the day, and this will make them think about you before any other brand.

    You can also use an email newsletter to draft personalized content for each customer. This kind of content will involve the customer’s name in the content. This will build trust in your audience, making them feel valued by your brand.

  3. Leverage LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a professional platform used by job seekers, businesses, and brands to achieve their various goals. As a small business, LinkedIn is a good platform you can use to generate more traffic to your website, make new customers, improve your visibility and make conversions. The platform’s algorithm can distribute your content to reach your target audience.

  4. Create Content on the Right Topics

    The mistake a lot of businesses make while using content marketing to promote their business or drive sales is that they make content only on their products or services. They just want to sell. But that’s not how to get the right results with content marketing.

    For you to get the best out of content marketing, you need to create content on the right topics. Make research about what is troubling your target audience and create your content around this problem. Your content should provide your audience with solutions. If a prospect finds your content worthy, considering your brand becomes easy.

  5. Optimize your Content

    One effective strategy you can use to get the best from your content marketing is by optimizing your content. You need to keep in touch with recent developments while creating content. Once you’ve published your content, you can continue updating it.

    Ensure your content provides your audience with the most recent information they’ll love to have. If your target audience gets the best available recent solution on the internet from your business website, they’ll find you credible, and patronizing you will become easy.

    Also, well-optimized content will boost your business visibility on search engines like google. If your business website ranks high on the search engine result pages (SERP), you’ll gain organic traffic which would in return increase your conversion rate.

  6. Be Conversational

    If you truly want to use content marketing in your small business, then you should be ready to create conversational content. Effective content marketing addresses its audience like a friend. So create your content like you’re conversing with your friend who needs help.

    Ensure your content is engaging and worth spending a few minutes to listen to, read or watch. If you make a post or thread on social media, be ready to take in questions from your audience and answer them accordingly.

    For smooth communication, you can integrate chatbots to provide your audience or potential customers with the right information they need to consider your product and make a purchase.

  7. Use a Call to Action (CTA)

    To boost the sales of your small business through content marketing you need call-to-action statements in your content. Since you don’t want to create content just for engagement and comment. You aim to see your target audience take action after engaging with your content. But they’ll not take action unless you tell them what to do.

    This is why you need a call-to-action (CTA) in your content. Tell your audience what you want them to do. For example, in video content, at the middle or the very end of the clip, you can tell your audience to share the content with friends or follow your social media handles or YouTube channel.

  8. Be a Guest Contributor for Other Website

    You can effectively market your small business by using content writing. If your content marketing strategy is blogging and creating articles. You need to observe your industry and identify brands or businesses that are doing better than your business in blogging and are generating high traffic to their websites.

    Reach out to the owners of those websites and ask to be a guest contributor to their website. Ensure you get the byline for the articles you will be sharing on the website. When you create the content, link your website to the articles. This will help your website to rank well on Google and also generate more leads to your website.

  9. Collaborate with Other Brands

    As I’ve said earlier, content marketing may be quite expensive. Depending on what your target is and how fast you want to get results. As a small business, it’s normal for you not to have enough funds to sponsor high-level content marketing. But what you can do is collaborate with other brands to create content for your businesses.

    You can collaborate with another brand to create podcasts, and video content that can be used to promote your business and generate more customers for your small business.

  10. Have a Plan

    Anything that will be good requires planning. To have effective content marketing, you need to plan thoroughly. What do I mean by planning? You need to draft out everything you want to achieve via content marketing. Set a goal.

    Outline how frequently you want to publish your content. Is it going to be weekly or monthly? Or Bi-weekly or Bi-monthly.

    Also, you must have a metric to measure the progress of your content marketing to know when you’re doing well and areas that need to be addressed.


Following these marketing strategies will help your content marketing produce the right result you need to push your small business to the next level. You can also use these tips for successful content marketing. However, always remember that if content marketing doesn’t work well for your business, you can try out other marketing options. 

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