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Content Marketing Courses To Help Your Small Business

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There Is a need for content marketing in every business. This marketing strategy has been proven by many businesses and marketers to be very effective in improving the sales and customers of any business. 

Small businesses with the ambition to expand, create visibility and drive sales will need content marketing to achieve their goals. Small business entrepreneurs must learn everything about content marketing and charge their marketing team to implement them to get the right result. 

If you’re a newbie in business, without any knowledge of content marketing, or your marketing team lacks the right steps to take in creating an effective content marketing strategy, there are courses you can take to acquire useful information on how to execute your content marketing strategy. 

Content Marketing Courses For Small Businesses

The following are content marketing courses you can enroll in to help your small business marketing strategy:

  1. Reliablesoft’s Content Marketing Course

    Reliablesoft is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow their website traffic and visibility. The company has been in operation since 2002, providing great services to various companies. The company also runs SEO and Digital marketing courses to help businesses. One of its courses is the Content Marketing course.

    With the Reliablesoft content marketing course, you’ll learn many things about content creation. Essentially, you will learn how to market your content to the right audience.

    Some of the topics covered in the course will teach about the first stages of content marketing, how to create a content marketing plan that wins, and how to generate content ideas, you’ll gain insight on content that’ll generate leads and shares on social media. The course will also suggest the right content marketing tools to use.

    Why You Should Enroll in the Course

    Reliablesoft content marketing course is one of the best courses out there for new entrepreneurs with small businesses or small business marketers that are just starting. The course is filled with step-by-step information on how to create high-quality content and how to market them.

    The course cost $119. You’ll get both a video tutorial and reading material (135 pages PDF). The duration of the course is estimated to be 10 hours, which means you can finish it in a day and start implementing what you have learned. Purchasing Reliablesoft content marketing courses will grant you access to a bundle of digital marketing courses from the agency. You’ll get to learn about SEO, Copywriting, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Keyword research, and many more. To crown it all, there is certification upon the completion of this course.

  2. Udemy’s Content Marketing Masterclass

    Udemy is one of the leading online teaching platforms in the world. The company has over 200,000 courses available and has taught over 54 million students. One of its various courses is a content marketing masterclass, which has already been taken by over 19 thousand students.

    The course also has a 4.6/5 rating, proof that it’s a top-notch content marketing course. You can try the Udemy content marketing masterclass to enrich yourself with knowledge on the nitty-gritty of content marketing.

    The course covers many aspects of content marketing. You’ll get to learn from the topics in the masterclass, what marketing is all about, the importance of content marketing, how to generate content ideas, copywriting, SEO content, and even web design. The course will also introduce you to different content formats and how to repurpose content, promote content, measure results, and even email marketing. All these in one single masterclass!

    Why You Should Enroll in the Masterclass

    Udemy is a prominent online school for millions of students across the globe. This indicates that when you learn content marketing on this platform, you’re truly getting the real deal of the marketing strategy.

    Since you’re a small business, purchasing this course as a beginner and implementing the tips can make your small business marketing strategy more successful than relying on an acclaimed expert in content marketing to run your business. Also, the course price is quite affordable and its duration is very short.

    The course costs only $99 to buy and the period to learn everything in the masterclass is 3.5 hours. Upon completion, there is also a certificate to prove that you have mastered the course.

    If you already have the basic knowledge of content marketing, but your focus is to get tips on effective content marketing, then the next course is right for you.

  3. Coursera’s The Strategy of Content Marketing

    Just like Udemy, Coursera is a notable online platform where you can learn valuable skills by taking courses. Small businesses that are trying to learn more about content marketing can enroll in the Coursera business course titled The strategy of content marketing.

    The Coursera Strategy of Content Marketing course is very good for marketers or businesses with basic knowledge of content marketing and who just want to know more about effective marketing strategies to use.

    The course is offered by the University of California, Davis, and so far, 360 thousand of people have enrolled in the course to learn content marketing.

    Why You Should Enroll in The Course

    The course is divided into four different modules that elaborately stretch content marketing. It discusses all you need to know to have an effective content marketing strategy in your business. The modules contain the studying of the content marketing ecosystem, the studying of a customer journey and crafting content, types of content, and how to manage content.

    Each of the modules of this course has nothing less than 5 short videos. And it will take you approximately 19 hours to complete the course. This course is good for your small business because you’ll get to learn every important thing that relates to content marketing.

    There is also certification upon the completion of the course.

  4. Hubspot’s Content Marketing Certification

    Hubspot is one of the leading websites businesses turn to for marketing tips and learning more about customer service. This is not an online school like Udemy and Coursera. However, the company also offers courses that will help businesses grow and assist their readers acquire more skills. Hubspot content marketing certification is one of the many courses the website provides to support businesses.

    For small businesses, this particular course will enable you to deeply understand the importance of content writing and all its nitty-gritty. You’ll also get to learn about copywriting and how to apply this in content marketing.

    The topics of this course will expose you to the importance of storytelling, how to generate content ideas, how to create topic clusters and pillar pages, how to make video content marketing, how to promote your content, and the metric to use in measuring and analyzing your content. You’ll also gain insight into how Hubspot has been using blogging to rank on Google.

    Why You Should Enroll in The Course

    This Hubspot course will only take you 7 hours maximum to complete and the format of the course is video. The course is also free, which means you don’t have to pay to learn all the essential tips for your business content marketing strategy.

    After completing this course you’ll get to receive a certificate that proves your expertise in content marketing.

    Hubspot’s content marketing course focus is more on content writing. With this course, you’ll get to know more than the basic principles of content marketing. You’ll learn what works, for example, you’ll get to know the tips Hubspot uses to rank #1 on Google.

  5. SEMRush’s Content Marketing Toolkit Course

    Semrush is a big company that helps other businesses with tips on how to effectively leverage SEO to drive sales and create visibility. The company also provides businesses with SEO tips and keyword research ideas that’ll assist their website traffic and lead generation.

    The company’s professionals came together and created a content marketing course titled Content Marketing Toolkit Course. This course is enriched with information on how to unitize content marketing to drive sales, generate leads and create visibility.

    The course covers topics about content analysis, optimization, how to make content research, how to create content ideas, content distribution, and how to measure the performance of content and its management. Which are extremely good for any business development.

    Why You Should Enroll in the Course

    The Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit course is a free course created by professionals in Semrush company. That’s a company that’s well-known for SEO. With this course, there is no doubt in learning more about how to research the right keywords while creating content.

    The course will also expose you to content audit and show you how to create a calendar for your content creation, publication, and distribution. The course will also teach you how to monitor your content performance to gain insight into your content aspects that need urgent amendment.

    It’s also a 3 hours course that can be completed at once. As a small business owner, you have nothing to lose enrolling in this course because it’s free and you also stand to get certified as an expert content marketer upon completion.


Knowledge is very powerful. Nobody can achieve anything without having the right information. For your small business to start recording high sales, generate leads, and experience an improved conversion rate, you’ll have to implement the right strategy. That is what the above courses are capable of providing. 

As a small business owner, try to learn two to three of these courses and implement what you learn in your content marketing strategy to experience imminent business growth.

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