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10 Small Businesses To Start In Your Spare Time

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Nowadays you don’t have to take out time in gathering money to start a small business. Instead, you should focus your attention on discovering what business potential you have and evaluating what it takes to start and manage such a business. Even if you’re already working for a firm, enterprise, or organization, there are still tons of businesses to start in your spare time, aside from your initial job, to increase your monthly income.

If you’re determined on increasing your monthly payment, there are various businesses you can consider exploring in your spare time at home to help strengthen your finances. This article will provide you with 10 businesses you can start in your leisure period and how to go about them. 

10 Businesses You Can Start At Your Convenience

Chances are that you must have had the idea of some of these businesses before, but you refrained from it probably because you didn’t have enough knowledge on how to start the business. Fortunately, the enlisted 10 businesses in this article will be embedded with the right information on how to start each of them:

  1. Freelance Writing and Copywriting

    The first business you may want to start in your free time is freelancing as a good content writer or a person who has a passion for writing. Freelancing is one sure way of making more money online by doing what you love — writing — remotely. You can register with some of the famous freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer to start getting writing gigs from people across the world. Writing articles/blog posts for a potential client and creating of marketing content for businesses is a new lucrative business that can earn you a lot of money.

    Freelancing popularity is growing rapidly and many people are rushing into the business. So for you to stand a chance of being hired by prospective clients, you need to build your portfolio. Your portfolio contains samples of the content (Blog posts, copy, or articles) you’ve written in the past.

  2. Blogging

    Blogging is another business idea you can start in your spare time. To become a blogger, you need to get a domain name, pick a web hosting provider, Install, and register with WordPress, and pick your preferred WordPress blog theme. After you must have created a blog, the next phase is to select a niche and start publishing your content.

    To make money through blogging, you’ll have to apply for Google Adsense to monetize your blog.  Also, with a high record of monthly readers/visitors, your blog can be monetized. You can sign a deal to help brands advertise their products on your blog.

  3. Virtual Assistant

    Becoming a virtual assistant for a client is another remote business you can venture into during your spare time. Once you have a good command of the language used by the client and knowledge of how your client’s business works, you can render service as his/her assistant, remotely. Your duty may cover sending emails, scheduling meetings, and drafting your client’s daily routine (meetings, events, consultations, and so on).

    You can make a lot of money as a virtual assistant once your employer believes in your ability to handle his/her day-to-day business activities without running into challenges. To work as a virtual assistant you can explore some of the freelance platforms (mentioned above).

  4. Online Coaching

    Tutoring people via the internet is another business you can start in your free period. You have to figure out what knowledge/skill you have that people will love to learn and monetize it. For example, you can teach people how to trade bitcoin (if you are good at it), new features of cryptocurrency, and other disrupting, emerging technology you think will be of help to them.

    It could also be tech skills like coding, web development, UX/UI designs, or even how to produce some unique products. You can make money by gathering the people who showed interest in your coaching. You can also make money by getting paid for the knowledge you want to share. Interestingly, with the aid of technology, you can easily do these via video calls or chats.

  5. Social Media Manager

    Social Media Management is one of those businesses you can start from home with no money or funding. Your job is to help businesses manage their social media accounts and create engaging content or posts frequently. You can also give swift replies to comments and messages on the account(s). This is one of the easiest, most lucrative remote works you can start at any time.

  6. Affiliate Marketing

    You can start a business as an affiliate marketer for businesses. By marketing a business product to the target audience, you start making money when the customers purchase the products through your recommendation. Affiliate marketing allows you to become the third party of the business and make easy money without being a part of the company

    You will need to create a network with the targeted audience with a high chance of making a purchase.

  7. Bookkeeping and Data Entry

    In your spare time, you can start a new business of bookkeeping for companies remotely. Your job will be to keep track of the company’s/business’ financial record; documenting every transaction made by the company. You can work for multiple companies at the same time to make more money while working remotely.

    Data Entry is another business you can venture into in your free time. Assisting organizations or companies to digitize their data by inputting it into the computer is what data entry is all about. Data entry is an easy business you can start if you’re skillful in inputting data on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

  8. Graphic Design

    Graphic design is one of the many businesses to start in your spare time. It is a kind of art that allows the use of text and graphics to virtually pass information. Many businesses employ graphic designers to create campaign flyers for their businesses. You can also try this business in your leisure time to make more money.

    Learning graphics design is not so difficult. There are applications with already made templates you can use in designing. Applications like Adobe Express, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Canva can be used to start making quality designs for your clients in your spare time.

  9. Craft Business

    If you’re skillful in making crafts of any kind, start a business with that skill in your spare time. There are so many craft niches out there like handicrafts, drawing, pottery, and even sculpture business.

    For instance, you can start weaving baskets, making bags, hats, mats, crochet clothes, necklaces, earrings, beads, bangles, brooms, etc. Discover what craft you are good at and start advertising your art to people online and offline to patronize you.

  10. Baking Business

    The last on our list of businesses to start in your spare time is the baking business. If you have no idea how to bake, you can easily learn this skill online (Youtube videos and blog posts). You can also enroll in a catering class that experts can put you through.

    Baking is a business you can keep as a side hustle without affecting your main job. Baking homemade cakes, cookies, and cupcakes can earn you a lot of money. Most especially the baking of cake for grand occasions such as birthdays, weddings, convocation and so on.


The list of small businesses you can start in your spare time is endless. Although many of them are not included in this article. However, the listed businesses are the most lucrative ones to start in your leisure period to increase your monthly revenue. 

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