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Top 10 Business Blogs That Will Help Your Small Business Grow

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There is a plethora of information in the world that focuses on how new entrepreneurs can run successful small-scale businesses. The Internet has always been the first place many people rush to for enlightenment on how to make business decisions. And surely, there are tons of well-written articles around the web, with detailed information on how to solve business problems.

In the case of small businesses, there are popular blogs that focus on providing business owners with the right information. This includes information and ideas on how to achieve their dreams and solve business challenges. As a small business owner, this article will provide you with a list of some of these business blogs that will help your small business.

Top 10 Business Blogs That Can Help Your Small Business

Below are the 10 best blogs you should read frequently while growing your  small business:

  1. Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur is one of the best business blogs you’ll find online today. A perfect home for every entrepreneur and aspiring business owner. The blog provides upcoming business owners, innovators, and startups with tips on how to begin their businesses. While the established entrepreneurs get ideas and insights on how to become better in their businesses.

    The Entrepreneur specializes in the creation of leadership tips, inspiration, strategic ideas, new technology, startups, and finance content. If you’re thinking of venturing into an industry that you have scant knowledge of, then Entrepreneur is best for you. Also, if you want to learn about what you need to do differently, then Entrepreneur is your go-to business blog.

  2. Inc Africa

    Inc Africa (part of the Inc family) is a Pan-African business website that covers stories of growing businesses in Africa. It focuses on finding entrepreneurs and innovators who are doing well in the continent ecosystem and sharing their success stories. If you own a business (in Africa or not), Inc.Africa is one of the blogs you should read every day.

    The purpose of the blog is to tell stories of successful entrepreneurs as a way of motivating others. Through the stories shared on the blog, you can gain useful ideas on how to run your small business. By following the footsteps of successful entrepreneur leaders you read about, you can learn how to grow a successful business.

  3. Forbes: Entrepreneur

    Forbes is another business blog you need to focus your attention on as a small business owner. Arguably one of the most notable business news platforms in the world. You can register for the newsletter of the website to get recent news, analysis of the global business, and advice on how to manage different businesses.

    The blog also has most of its content in text and video format for easy accessibility. As an entrepreneur who wants to read about business discussions in the world and be informed of the impending changes in the global market, the Forbes website should be your best friend.

  4. Harvard Business Review

    Harvard Business Review is one of the leading business platforms in the world, and as a business owner, you must visit the site frequently. At Harvard Business Review you can gain access to the best business advice, innovation ideas, strategy, and leadership tips on how you can run your business.

    Every piece of advice you get on the blog is given by business experts around the world, which makes them priceless and essential to the growth of your business. The blog also has video content and podcasts you can listen to on the website. You can register for the blog newsletter to get timely information about businesses.

  5. TechCrunch

    TechCrunch is an American business blog that focuses on reporting business news on startups and technology around the world. The blog produces information about the newly introduced businesses or technology that can aid business activities in Africa. The blog also gathers information on how startups generate their venture capital funding and the stages of development of each startup in Africa.

    Reading Techcrunch can provide you with the opportunity to get venture capital funding for your small business and give you insights into the emerging technology you can incorporate into your business.

  6. Hubspot Blog

    Hubspot blog is a must-visit blog for every business owner. The popular business blog has over 4.5 million visitors every month with more than 400 thousand subscribers. Hubspot provides businesses with ideas on how to run the best marketing campaign from big marketers and gives tips on how to sell smart & fast to customers.

    Additionally, the blog advises businesses on how to strengthen their services and helps with step-by-step information on how a business can develop its website. There are articles on Hubspot on how to use website features such as HTML file paths, GUI (Graphic User Interface), etc.

  7. Business Insider

    Business Insider is an American global blog that tells stories about finance, tech, markets, healthcare, and strategies. If you need to know about the evolution of the global market to get insight on how to position your business, then Business Insider is one of the blogs you should be reading. The blog also provides you with global business statistics which can aid your decision-making process.

  8. Small Business Trends

    Small Business Trends is an online blog that provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with tips and ideas on how to build and run small businesses. The blog focuses on discovering and telling stories of fast-growing businesses in the world. On the blog, you can learn how to start a business, how to manage a business and the recent technology (software and Apps) you can use to grow your small business.

  9. Sales Hacker

    Sales Hacker is the blog you must focus on if you’re trying to make more sales in your business. Sales Hacker will provide you with workable strategies you can apply in your business to make more sales. The blog also has richly produced podcasts that talk about everyday problems you can encounter in a business sales department and how to solve them.

  10. Business News Daily

    Business News Daily provides small business owners with business news and information on how they can better their business services. On the blog, you can learn about the marketing strategies you can employ to beat your competitors and find solutions to many of your small business challenges. The blog provides entrepreneurs with leadership tips and advice on how female business owners can find their feet in the ecosystem.   


There are still hundreds of blogs out there that you can focus on as a small business owner. The most important thing is to put the business knowledge you gain from these blogs into action in your business. Your business can experience swift growth if you get the right information on how to run the business. Your small business can succeed if you learn how to avoid some business challenges. As mentioned in this article, try to follow the content of each of these business blogs that can help your small business grow, and watch how much change your business will experience within a few years. 

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