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10 Ways Small Businesses Can Make The Most Of Their Marketing Budget In 2022

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Starting a small business comes with a lot of responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, one of your major concerns is watching out for the growth of your business by discovering strategic ways to connect with your target audience. This could be through the budget of your small business marketing campaign.

As an entrepreneur who wants success in his/her business and has a desire to generate more profits. There’s a need to create solid marketing strategies for your business. Being strategic is discovering how to market your products to the target audience, make good sales, and grow your business visibility exponentially without wasting your marketing budget. 

In this article, you will learn of 10 active ways you can strategically manage your small business marketing budget in 2022:

10 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Small Business Marketing Budget

So many entrepreneurs and small businesses make big mistakes when it’s time to take decisions on how to raise awareness for their businesses. Some even delegate the responsibility to the marketing team with no concern about how the team chooses to execute the task. Unfortunately, an inexperienced marketing team will cost your small business a fortune. So what do you do to prevent wasting your marketing budget?

Here are the actions you must take to ensure your small business marketing budget is well spent for the purpose for which it has been allocated:

  1. Make A Decision

    The first thing you want to do to help your small business marketing is to brainstorm why you need to make a business advert for your small business. This is very essential for your business budget management. The decision to go into marketing should be taken after you must have realized why you need it and acknowledge what impact it will have on your small business.

    This early thought about making an advert for your small business will also allow you to weigh the strength of your business to see if you can fund a marketing campaign.

  2. Know Your Target Audience

    The purpose of business marketing is to witness a surge in your business sales, win more customers for your business, and retain the ones you already have. For this to be actualized, you need to know who your target audience is. This includes their social classification (educational level, gender, age, demographic).

    This information will expose you to the best channels to use for your marketing campaign and the content strategy you can employ to have your target audience make a purchase.

  3. Estimate Your Marketing Budget

    As a small business owner, you’ll need to calculate how much you are willing to spend on your business advertisement. Remember your business is still small. There is no need to go all out sponsoring adverts when your business still needs funding.

    The best way to discover the amount you should spend for your business campaign is to calculate your revenue. For example, If you make $1,000 from your small business, then, 10-13% of that amount should be okay for your business campaign. This will allow you to reinvest a large part of your revenue into your business.

  4. Pick the Right Platforms

    After deciding and estimating your marketing budget, your next focus is to find the right platforms for your business campaign. There are tons of platforms available for business marketing, but you need to figure out the ones which are closer to your target audience. Also, your choice must be what your budget can afford.

    There are marketing platforms like Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing (Google Ads), Influencer marketing, Social media marketing (content and Ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business website, and even One-on-one marketing (sharing of business cards).

    Make your selection of the platforms you believe are the best choices to reach your target audience. Then share your marketing budget according to each platform you’ve picked. This will help you create a balance on the cost of each platform. Also, it will allow you to make adjustments in your budget where necessary.

  5. Calculate Possible ROI from Each Platform

    After you’ve shared your marketing budget on each platform of your choice, the next important thing to do is to calculate the potential Return of Interest (ROI) you can make from each platform campaign. Note that some of these platforms make costs higher than the rest and still do not make your expected ROI.

    For example, you may pay an influencer a huge amount to advertise for your company and get a low conversion rate. Meanwhile, you can be a little below or above the price for PPC marketing and amass a lot of profits within a short period.

    To be on the safe side, you can estimate the conversion rate to expect from each platform. This will help you see if there is a need for more investment in your business advert.

  6. Allocate Your Marketing Budget for Each Platform

    After evaluating the ROI profit obtainable from each marketing platform, allocate the money of each platform to the right source. Each allocation should be used for each advertisement purpose. Ensure you approach the “best in town” advertisers to handle your business marketing campaign.

  7. Follow Up With the Marketing Campaign

    Don’t pay money to advertisement agents/enterprises without keeping watch on your campaign activities. This is very important. You must keep track of how your adverts to know if they are reaching your target audience. If they are not, you’ll get the chance to address the issue ASAP.

  8. Discover What Works

    Once your marketing campaign starts yielding profit and you’re gaining new customers, it’s crucial to know more about your platforms. Discover which of the marketing platforms you invested in are providing the right ROI. In line with this, identify which of these platforms have a high record of the poor conversion rate for your small business.

  9. Always Re-strategize

    Whether your small business marketing campaign is yielding the intended results or there are notable failures in your marketing approach. Ensure you always prioritize new ideas and strategies on how your marketing budget can be maximized to grow your business.

  10. Apply Previous Knowledge

    Ultimately, you need to ensure your marketing budget is well managed by applying prior knowledge of marketing. If you’ve ever overseen marketing campaigns in the past, you can use your knowledge to your small business. You can apply your knowledge in making a proper evaluation of how your business marketing budget can be well managed. 


It is essential to properly execute these 10 simple ways of managing the marketing budget of your small businesses. With these tips, your small business has a strong chance of expanding. Moreso, there is a very high chance that the number of your customers will keep growing,

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